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Explore Your Dispute Resolution Options

There is more than one way to resolve a legal dispute. For those wary of the time and expense involved in traditional litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration and mediation offer an attractive alternative.

At Rogers, Habas & Eisen, P.C., in Orangeburg, our attorneys have a proven record of success helping businesses and individuals in New York and New Jersey resolve legal disputes in a favorable and cost-effective manner. Arbitration and mediation are two of the most effective tools at our disposal.


In mediation, a third-party neutral helps disputing parties find common ground, with the goal of eventually helping them reach a settlement. Mediation offers a number of advantages compared to tradition litigation and oftentimes:

  • Is less expensive
  • Puts more control in the hands of the involved parties
  • Creates less animosity between disputing parties

Whether you are seeking an advocate for the mediation process or a third-party impartial mediator, our law firm can help you explore the pros and cons of this approach.


Arbitration offers a means of resolving legal disputes out of court. In the arbitration process, parties argue their cases before a neutral arbitrator who considers each party’s arguments and renders a decision. In many cases, clauses in legal contracts stipulate that disputes must be resolved by specific arbitration boards.