Small Firm, Big Results

Protecting Your Rights And Interests In Civil Litigation

At Rogers, Habas & Eisen, P.C., in Orangeburg, we are proven advocates for plaintiffs and defendants engaged in civil litigation in New York and New Jersey.

We have extensive experience ranging from Small Claims Court or Special Civil matters to multimillion-dollar lawsuits. We treat every matter with care and great attention to detail. At our law firm, each matter will be assigned to one attorney who is dedicated to assisting with your needs. Some of the many areas of civil litigation we handle include:

  • Contract disputes: We are fluent in the language of business contracts and can accurately ascertain your rights and obligations under existing agreements. If legal action is necessary to protect your interests, we will seek available remedies or defend against meritless suits.
  • Commercial collections: Our versatile practice allows us to employ a number of effective means to collect commercial debts. Sometimes a strongly-worded letter is all that is required to attain the desired result. When collection actions and other legal maneuvers are necessary, we are prepared.
  • Shareholder litigation: We represent minority and majority shareholders, executives, directors, officers and others engaged in disputes regarding dividends, voting rights and other shareholder-related corporate law matters.
  • Estate litigation: We represent heirs beneficiaries, executors, creditors and others with interest in an estate in Rockland County or elsewhere in New York or New Jersey.

Our approach to litigation is to always seek practical, cost-effective resolutions that protect our clients’ bottom line. We offer mediation and arbitration representation to parties wary of the time sink and expense associated with traditional litigation. Our mindset is that litigation is a last resort, but when it is necessary, we must approach it aggressively and with a single-minded willingness to win. We have a proven record of success protecting the rights of plaintiffs and defendants in and out of court.